Visit to El Toleiro

Guided  tour to El Toleiro. You will walk along the vines discovering and learning about the animals and local flora living around the vineyard.
You will learn about:

  • How the local ecosystem helps and develops the vineyard
  • Natural and alternative treatments use in the vines
  • Calendar of the vine agriculture

Guided visit to La Torre and tasting 3 wines.

  • 2 hours long
  • price 15 €

Winery visit

Guided tour to learn about the wine making process and aging

  • Tasting 2 wines with our wine maker in La Torre
  • The tour last 1 , 30 h
  • price    €


Visit to La Torre

Guided visits to La Torre and tasting 2 or 3 wines

  • The tour last 45´
  • price 8 €/2wines, 10€/3wines

All tasting will take place in La Torre which is an old winery dated XVII century and located in one of the busiest street of El Camino de Santiago-  Calle del Agua in Villafranca del Bierzo.

Prices per person.

The visit should always be booked in advance and can take place from Tuesday to Sunday under the following hours: 11,30 and 18,00
Winter: visit to 11,30 and 17,00 ( from November to March)

The transfer from the winery to the vineyards during the visits will be with your own vehicle.
Free tickets for under 14 years old,    
Special prices for groups from 10 people
For any other request or “taylor made visits” do not hesitate to phone or mail.

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