The vineyards

El Tolerio, three kilometres from Villafranca was the largest vineyard in El Bierzo. Its 32 hectares are divided into four areas according to the type of soil and the orientation: Toleiro, Toleiro Superior, Las Chas y Cavanelas. The states which form part of these divisions have been given the names of local uses.

Most of the ground is stony, which is one of the quality factors. For example in Las Chas, the soil composition (30 cms) is: 54% stone and gravel, 12,8% clay, 2,1% organic matter, 0,40% potassium. During the day the stones are heated by the sun, so they reflect heat to the plant at the night which helps the maturing cycle considerably. In the areas of greatest slopes, soil is mostly clay, consequently herbs remain throughout the year to prevent erosion.

Our grapes, local and international varietals

In "El Toleiro", in addition to the Mencía, queen of the Bierzo region, we also find Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, the fine range of multiple hues encourages creativity in each new harvest. The only white grape variety we grow is Chardonnay.

Wine making and oak aging

At harvest time, we bring to the winery whole, clean, carefully selected grapes. This process is made in less than three hours. The empty baskets – which hold only 20 Kilos of grapes- are immediately machine washed in order to remove any earth and prevent the fermentation of even the slightest portion of grape juice. In all varieties elaborated, stainless steel is the only material in contact with the grapes and the juice. The fermentation temperatures are maintained by remote control and all the operations are carried out with total respect of the environment. Wine aging is made in  225 litres barrels, made of oak from the woods of Allier (France).

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